Our mission

We support people to find their dream freelance projects in digital marketing

Outside of large cities, it is extremely difficult to gain work experience or internships within digital marketing. But we believe those living in small towns with no job prospects shouldn’t be forced to move out of their hometowns to find work. 

This is especially difficult for young people with disabilities or who can’t commute to workplaces further afield.

We want to focus on helping these people develop and boost their chances of becoming freelancers – right in the comfort of their own homes.

Working from home has huge benefits, and can help people to escape the standard 9-5 grind. By working from home, people can manage their own time around family or social activities, are free to travel the world and enjoy life to the fullest. 

The students we work with are specialists and freelancers in the digital marketing field or small business owners. We use English as our main language in the hope to help as many people as possible, so that more people are able to gain a better work-life balance.