We support people to find their dream freelance projects in digital marketing.

About us

Georgi - Founder

The founder of onlinebusinessknowledge.org has a strong background in the marketing industry with fantastic networking abilities.

Aida – Volunteer

As a journalist in Bulgaria, Aida decided to join onlinebusinessknowledge.org in December 2020 to improve her online writing skills, and learn SEO.

Veselin – Volunteer

Veselin left his previous corporate Sales Manager role and joined our team in November 2020.

Dzenana – Volunteer

Dzenana lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina and she is a Bachelor of English language and literature. Interested in SEO and all types of writing.

Marija – Volunteer

She is passionate about marketing and her curiosity to learn is ever-evolving. She is part of onlinebusinessknowledge.org since 2020.

Maryna – Volunteer

Maryna lives in Ukraine and she joined the team in 2021. She is a Master's in Communication Management, interested in SEO, editing and publishing content.

Our mission

We support the development of young people who want to find freelance projects or want to work from home in the digital marketing field.
We’re aiming to help people living in small towns with no jobs. Many of them leave their hometowns because they cannot find work and professional realization.
We’re aiming to help people with disabilities who have difficulties commuting to their workplace.
We’re aiming to help people who want to escape 9 to 5 life and work from home, travel the world and enjoy life.
We’re aiming to help people who want to start an online business and make a living from it.
We use English as our main language in the hope to help as many people as possible, so that more people are able to gain a better work-life balance.